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"You are what you eat!"

This is often thought or said in a negative light, but we’d like to demonstrate to you how Kamen Company, Saladmaster can make this a real positive in your life. Yes, we are about cooking and cookware, but not in isolation from a simple and time saving cooking method that protects the natural nutrients in our foods and allows our food to look and taste how they were intended.

Feel Better!

With Saladmaster cookware we use no water, no oils, no fats, no grease, and no high temperatures! The result of cooking without all of these is what’s changing lives around the world. Mom’s got more time, the food budget is shrinking, the hydro bill is becoming less, and the whole family is feeling better!

What is there to lose?

I know, I know. Saladmaster’s pitch sounds like all the other sales pitches out there. But what have you got to lose? Take up the Saladmaster challenge to dare to change your life. All it will cost you is one free supper. That’s right! Staff from Kamen Company will come to your home and prepare a delicious and hot meal for you and your family, serve you that meal and then clean up the kitchen. All you have to do is sit back, watch, eat and enjoy.

Your Saladmaster Cookware Can Do Great Things!

From cooking vegetables with no water and roasting chicken with no oil to baking everything from lasagne to cinnamon buns without turning on your oven, here are some recipes you need to try!

Like free food?

Take a night off and let Saladmaster cook you a free meal!


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